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Wet phone: what to do if you drop your phone in water

Wet phone: What to do if you drop your phone in water?

There are only a handful of things that makes you feel terrible down to your bones. Dropping your phone in water is one of them. You can only minimize the aftermath of the incident because that’s still in your hands. Here is a quick guide on what to do when you drop your phone in water.

Get Your Phone Out Instantly

Although this goes without saying, but make sure you get the phone out of water instantly! The fact that you might be looking for a solution to the phone-water scenario only after that happens, this point won’t make much sense. Agreed!

Sometimes people often take a few seconds to react dramatically in such a situation. By doing so, you are just increasing the level of damage to your phone’s sensitive internal parts.

When a phone is dropped in water, you will notice tiny bubbles coming out of the phone. It’s a clear indication that the air pockets in the phone are being replaced by water. You won’t really want to wait for that to happen, will you? As the phone is still connected to the battery, it might create short-circuits on the phone, which is bad news.

It means you will have to go to a service center to get it fixed, which might cost you a lot. Speaking of professional help, you can also sort help from online mobile repair services.

So, the next time you drop your phone in the water, get it out quickly to minimize the damage.

Shut Down Your Phone

The second most important thing to do when you accidentally drop your phone is to turn it off instantly after taking it out. If your phone is automatically switched-off, don’t try to turn it on! Besides, there’s nothing more severe than running an electrical charge through an active circuit submerged in water. As a result of the high conductivity of the circuits, a phone in turned-on mode is bound to create significant problems.

Now, just because you have dipped your phone in water doesn’t mean all hope is lost. As mentioned earlier, it takes time for the water to spread in the phone. Hence, you need to use these few seconds to your advantage and turn it off quickly!

Remove the Battery

If the battery is removable from the phone, remove it to ensure any possibility of short-circuits. The battery is the power source of any phone. All the electrical signals that flow around in your phone comes from the battery. If you cut the power source, you cut the connections to all the electrical components inside the phone.

If your phone didn’t shut automatically after being dropped in water, it is a good sign. It means that water wasn’t able to get deep inside the phone. While it must be seeping inside the crucial points of the phone, you must not waste a second to turn it off to prevent any significant damage.

Clean Your Phone

When it comes to cleaning your phone, you must use all the sanitary ways. While you can use a cotton cloth to clean the inside and outsides of the phone, it is not good enough if you drop your phone in a toilet. In such a scenario, you will have to make special efforts to get it clean.

Before you do so, make sure that you remove all the removable parts, including SIM and SD cards. Use some disinfecting wipes to clean the inside and outside of the phone. You can also use an alcohol-based cleaner to get your phone all tidy.

Dropping your phone in the toilet is gross, but that doesn’t mean you should take some harsh measures to clean it off. Under no condition should you use a pure alcohol-based cleaning agent directly on your phone. It may severely damage your phone, its color, screen, and other crucial parts.

Put your Phone in the Rice-Filled Container

One of the age-old tried and tested ways to soak water from the phone is rice. But does it work and how do you do that? It’s a simple technique that requires rice and a container. You need to disassemble your phone as much as you can, including battery, handset, SIM card, etc. Now, put your phone inside the container and make sure that it’s totally submerged in rice. Place it out in the open under the sun or anywhere that offers enough exposure to heat.

With the help of some heat, dry rice works wonder in absorbing the moisture from hard to reach places in the phone.

Now, the obvious question – how long should I wait? Well, the evaporation process takes at least 24 hours to get it dry. However, the result may vary depending on the water penetration on the phone. If you are skeptical of turning on your phone and worried about possible damage due to short circuit, leave your phone off for 1-2 days.

Use a Phone Water Damage Kit (Avoid Blow Drying)

Another reliable way to get rid of all the water from the phone is a phone water damage kit. Now, you might be scratching your head, but yes, it exists! The water damage kits consist of synthetic desiccants that work incredibly to absorb the water from the phone. Place your phone in the bag with little packets of moisture absorbers, wrap it thoroughly, and wait for at least 24 hours.

It’s quite handy in the rainy season when your phone is more likely to suffer from these water scenarios. If you think your phone is damaged beyond repair, you must go to a professional to seek help.


The phone dropping in water is a typical daily life scenario that happens the most when you least expect it. Well, you need not to worry about such incidents. We are humans who make even terrible mistakes. Just make sure you don’t panic and follow all the methods mentioned in the article.

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